Corporate & Government Offices

  • 1. Self Service Kiosk

    ViziHub, an automated Visitor Management Platform has reduced the hassle of checking-in using the Visitor Log Register. Now, with the help of ViziHub Terminal App, visitors can easily insert their details using the self-service kiosk. ViziHub, then quickly scans through the identification details and captures an image of the visitor. Moreover, with the help of ViziHub, frequent visitors to a facility can generate QR code which fastens their check-in process, and ViziHub can collect data about the visitor from its cloud storage. Thereby it reduces the hassle of registering the details each time.

  • 2. Manages blacklisted Visitors

    Security being an utmost priority in Government offices, ViziHub allows the administrators to manage blacklisted and banned visitors from entering the facility and disturbing the working environment.

  • 3. Visitor's Badge

    ViziHub quickly prints customized Visitor’s Badge which contains the image of the visitor, his/her credentials, clearance level, and access duration in the facility. This helps in segregating the visitors from the employees.

  • 4. Centralized Access Control

    ViziHub Admin Portal gives a centralized control to the administrators of the facility to keep an eye on the visitors and generate drill-down reports.

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