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Vizihub is a SaaS based Visitor Management Platform that enables Companies to replace their Visitor Log Register and collect all their Visitors’ Information in the most effective and efficient manner. Vizihub comprises of:

- Vizihub Terminal App: Allow visitors to input their Information

- Vizihub Web Portal: Allow Receptionist to input Visitors’ Information

- Vizihub Host and Visitor App: Allow Host and Visitors to pre-schedule meetings, Instant Check-Ins, and Receive In-App Notifications

- Vizihub Admin Portal: Allows Admin to keep an eye on all the Visitors, generate drill-down reports and trigger Evacuation Mode in the event of any emergency.

Vizihub Terminal App is a “Do It Yourself” app for visitors. The visitors input all their information in Vizihub Terminal App on their own for Check-In and Check-Out.
Vizihub Web Portal is being run and managed by Receptionist. The receptionist takes all the information from Visitor and input in the portal for Check-In and Check-Out.
This is an innovative app being developed to augment Hosts and Visitors for faster Check-In. For Hosts:

- In-App Notification on Visitors Arrival

- Send Meeting Invite through Whatsapp / SMS / Email and Integrate with Phone Calendar

- Check upcoming meetings and past meetings

For Visitors:

- Faster Check-In with minimal input of Information

- Send Meeting Invite through Whatsapp / SMS / Email and Integrate with Phone Calendar

- Check upcoming meetings and past meetings

Vizihub Admin Portal allows the administrator to keep a track of all their visitors. It has a very strong Reporting Tool which enables administrators to find in-depth information about the visitors.
Vizihub help Large Groups with multiple companies and sites against those companies; in managing their visitor management processes through Admin Web Portal.

- Corporate and Government Offices

- Manufacturing Plants

- Single or Multi-Tenant Buildings

- Residential Societies

- Schools and Colleges

- Hotels and Resorts

Visitor has a provision to download “Vizihub Host and Visitor App” from Google Play Store or Apple Store and create a profile for Instant Check-In with minimal need to input information.

A profile is being created once the visitor visits any company implemented Vizihub Platform and the profile is auto populated during the next visit.

User has a provision to install “Vizihub Host and Visitor App” and input their information to generate QR Code.

The QR Code ensures that all the information is being captured automatically during his next visit to Vizihub implemented Company / Companies.

Unlike Visitor Log Register, Vizihub enables companies to know the complete details of their visitors along with the details pertaining to their visit through capturing the right information along with Picture, ID Proof, Agreement Signing, Badge Printing etc.
Mobile number is being used for User Authentication. An OTP is generated against the input Mobile Number for the purpose of verifying the Visitor.
In the event of Visitor not receiving OTP, the visitor shall have to connect with Receptionist and Receptionist shall have an universal OTP for their company that shall enable the Receptionist to complete the Check-In process for Visitor.
Company / Companies have a provision to execute visitor’s management with the help of web portal rather than App and it shall have the same functionalities.

All the information shall be collected verbally by the Receptionist and input in the system to print badge.

No, the dropdown Field shall only have the Name and Department of the Host.
No, you may by-pass the badge printing and allocate manual Badge Numbers to the Visitors or let them enter the premises without badge. This shall depend on the security business process implemented in the company and this functionality is configurable in the Vizihub Platform.
The host will receive the below notifications on Visitor’s arrival and the notification shall include Person Name, Company Name, Phone Number and other required information.


- Email

- In-App Notification in case Host has downloaded the “Host and Visitor App”

Host shall have to inform the Visitor manually by dialing their phone number or Host may inform Receptionist to update Visitor about Host’s unavailability.

- Auto Check-Out at the end of the day

- Admin shall receive a notification about the visitor’s pending for check-out by End of Day and Admin may consult with their respective Hosts to clear the check-out process

"Host and Visior App” shall enable users to update their profiles on their own.
- All the data is being stored in the Secure Cloud Patform for indefinite time and is compliant to al the necessary security standards.

- Visitors shall have the access to update their Individual Profiles

- System Administrators shall also have the right to access all the information.

There are 2 methods of uploading all the Employee Information.

- Active Directory Integration

- Upload through Excel Sheet

Considering 10 am to 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm peak rush hours, One ViziHub Terminal App can manage Per Day Visitors footfall to the tune of 80-100 depending on various factors. Also, it is advisable to have more than one ViziHub Terminal App installed in the event of more than 100 visitors per day.
Yes, ViziHub Admin Portal allows admin to trigger a notification SMS / Email in case of any emergency.

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